Saturday, January 5, 2008

At the beginning of August, we brought Aiden to Atlanta to visit the aquarium. Afterwards we had a snack and played in the Olympic park across the street.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Aiden meets Suzi

At the end of May, our friends Jenny and Jordan gave birth to their daughter Suzi. We were so excited because Aiden had been waiting for her for so long. In June, they finally got to meet.

Aiden was 6 months old here. During his 6th month, he started eating all kinds of new fruits and veggies. He also started to crawl and use a pincer grasp. The funniest thing he did at 6 months was start to play peek a boo.


At the end of May, the whole family went to Kiawah Island, SC for vacation. We had so much fun splashing in water and strolling Aiden around the island and on the beach.

In May, he also started eating solids (just rice cereal at first) and giving sloppy, wet kisses.

The week before we left for Kiawah, Dave got a job offer from Square D in Seneca, SC for an electrical engineering position. We would be able to stay where we were and were very thankful we didn't have to move.


On May 13, 2007, Aiden was baptized by his Grandad at Pendleton Presbyterian church. Everyone was there from both sides of the family since Dave graduated two days earlier.

After the ceremony, we had a special reception. Aiden helped Grammie make a huge cake with lots of frosting. Mostly he helped by sitting in his Bumbo and chewing on a spatula (clean of course).

Daddy Graduates

Also during Aiden's fourth month, Dave graduated from Clemson University with a degree in mechanical engineering. All of our family came in for the graduation. My aunt, who we call Nanny, Dave's mom, step dad, dad, and step mom, along with his 2 brothers. We had a great time and Aiden got to meet his Grandpa (Dave's dad) and uncles for the first time.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Month 4

At four months, we celebrated Easter. Aiden got a goldfish among other things from the Easter bunny because he loved watching goldfish in his Grammie's office.

He also started sitting up and seriously squealing and laughing.

3 months old

At three months, Aiden was 14 pounds. Double his birth weight. He loved cooing and tummy time and could pick his head up off the floor and roll from his tummy to his back.

We took him on his first hike. He was so observant and interested in the things around him. He loved being outside and cooed the whole time we were hiking.

He always put his fingers in his mouth three or more at a time. He also started reaching out to touch things and bring them to his mouth.

Funny things happened in month three!

One night in his sleep Dave said " Are you throwing peas at daddy Aiden?"

Aiden had his first laugh! Dave had just come home from work and Aiden did not want to be away from him. Dave had to go to the bathroom so, brought Aiden in with him and put him in front of him in the Bumbo. Dave was making funny poop faces and Aiden burst out in a huge belly laugh. I heard them from down the hall.